AKS-74U 5.45 x 39mm assault carbine

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In 1979, a shortened carbine variant of the AKS-74 rifle was adopted into service with the Soviet Army. The AKS-74U (U in Russian: Ukorochenniy or ‘shortened’) is an assault carbine that bridges the gap tactically between a sub-machine gun and an assault rifle as it fires the 5.45 x 39mm rifle cartridge.

It was intended for use mainly with special forces, airborne infantry, armoured vehicle crews and rear echelon units. It is still used in these roles but has been augmented by various sub-machine guns and the AK-105. It is also commonly used by the police, each urban foot patrol being assigned at least one.

The carbines compact dimensions, compared to the rifle, were achieved by using a short 210 mm (8.3 in) barrel and reducing in proportion the gas piston and forend. A new gas block was installed at the muzzle end of the barrel with a new conical flash hider combined with a cylindrical muzzle booster, which features an internal expansion chamber that increases the weapon’s reliability.

The AKS-74U is significantly more maneuverable in tight quarters than the AKS-74; however, the significant decline in muzzle velocity from the shorter barrel, resulted in a decrease in effective range from 625 to 350 metres.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates, the AKS-74U first saw service with Soviet forces engaged in the 1979 Afghanistan conflict and has also been a familiar sight being carried widely by urban police forces. Currently the carbine continues to be used by them and also in the majority of countries of the former USSR.

Foxtrot example shown is an AKS-74U assault carbine, chambered for 5.45 x 39mm, it has a folding metal stock. a varnished wood forend and all the metal parts are in a black paint/blued finish.

Film Set Notes

The AKS-74U is simple and robust, with a very strong cartridge that can be difficult and sometimes too percussive to work with in confined spaces (small sets) so these are best suited to exterior scenes. The combination again of a short barrel with a punchy cartridge, giving an impressive flash.