Beretta 950B .25 ACP pistol

This item is HIRE ONLY for use by a recognised Film, TV, Commercials or Theatre production company.




 The Beretta Model 950B is a small but elegant ‘purse pistol’, dating from the late 1960s, chambered in .25 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) calibre.

Metric cartridge size is 6.35mm and it has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds.

Nickel plated and extensively engraved at the factory, this is the 950B DeLuxe model and it is fitted with tortoise shell grips.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates, the Model 950B is from the late 1960s and would typically be carried by a female either as a ‘purse pistol’ inside a handbag or in a discrete holster.

Foxtrot example shown is a Beretta Model 950B, auto pistol chambered in .25 ACP calibre, it is nickel plated and fitted with tortoiseshell grips.