Beretta 92F/92FS 9 x 19mm pistol

This item is HIRE ONLY for use by a recognised Film, TV, Commercials or Theatre production company.




 The Beretta 92, 9 x 19mm pistol drew heavily on their earlier designs, most notably the 1974 .380 Model 84 with it’s double stack magazine and direct feed into the chamber.

First appearing in 1975, police and military contracts required changes to the safety lever location so the improved pistol became the Model 92S. US Air Force contracts required a modified firing pin block and mag release relocation to the rear of the trigger guard, it was then redesignated as model 92SB  in 1981.

Beretta modified the model 92SB slightly to create the 92SB-F (the “F” added to denote entry of the model in U.S. Government federal testing) and this was adopted by the US military in 1990 who term it the ‘M9 pistol’. It is still current today.

The 92 has sold in large numbers to numerous other countries military and police forces.

A large contract for the Beretta 92 was with the Brazilian army, for which Beretta set up a factory in Brazil. This factory was later sold to the Brazilian gunmaker Taurus (Forjas Taurus S/A ). Taurus makes these pistols (called the PT92) without the need for a license from Beretta since their design is based on the original Beretta 92, whose patents have since expired.

 Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this item is appropriate for many armies and police forces in many countries – from 1975 to the present day.

Foxtrot examples show Beretta 9 x 19mm calibre Model 92’s either in blued finish or also in stainless steel.

 Film Set Notes

We have found in film/TV use that the Beretta 92 is an extremely reliable and actor friendly weapon. It is very tolerant to functioning with a sound moderator (silencer), a good looking piece also, the stainless versions working frequently.