Hi Standard Model B .22 pistol

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 The Hi Standard Manufacturing Company Inc was originally started in Hamden, Connecticut, USA in 1926 as a supplier to the numerous firearms companies in the Connecticut Valley. In 1932 the company headed by Carl Gustav Swebilius, purchased the Hartford Arms and Equipment Company and began making .22 calibre pistols.

 The Model B was introduced in 1932 and is basically the Hartford Arms 1925 Automatic, of which 65,000 were made. Either with a long 6 3/4” or short 4 1/2” barrel, the Model B was very successful. Development continued and large numbers of .22 caliber pistols were sold to the U.S. Government during WWII which were used to train servicemen and women. During the war, the company also produced thousands of .50 caliber machine guns and machine gun parts for the U.S. military.

 The model B turned out to be a reliable, well made, and accurate pistol. Some people didn’t like the grip, as for a person with large hands, it was on the short side. On later models this was changed, and the grip was extended. Also on later models the magazine capacity was increased from nine to ten rounds.

A silenced version based on the the Model B was used by the US Office of Strategic Services for covert operations from late 1943 and known as the Hi Standard HDM.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this item is appropriate for training military personnel from 1932 onwards or in civilian hands for recreational use.

Foxtrot example shown is a Hi Standard Model B, with a short 4 1/2” barrel, 10 round magazine capacity, it is fitted with a period sound suppressor, has black plastic grips and is in a blued finish.