Roth Steyr Model 1907 8mm pistol

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The Roth Steyr Model 1907 is a semi automatic pistol, chambered in 8mm Roth-Steyr with a 10 shot capacity magazine and issued to the Austro-Hungarian ‘Kaiserliche und Koenigliche Armee’ cavalry during WWI.

It is famous for being the first adoption of a semi-automatic service pistol by the land army of a major power.

Developed by a Czech designer Karel Kmka, working for the ammunition company of Georg Roth, from an earlier design of the Roth-Theodorovic pistol. Developments and testing of several prototypes led to the final version being accepted and winning the contest for a new army pistol in 1906 and the Roth Steyr was adopted as a standard pistol of the Austro-Hungarian army as the Repetierpistole M.7. (self loading pistol M1907).

Roth had no weapon production caperbilities so the government bought all the rights and ordered production in the Osterreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft (OEWG) in Steyr and with FEG in Budapest. Between 1908 and 1914 approximately 99,000 pistols were manufactured, 59,300 from Steyr and 38,200 from FEG. Steyr did not participate in the design apart from making minor improvements.

 Following the dissolution of Austria-Hungary, the Roth-Steyr was fielded by Yugoslavia with some use during WWII by Austrian and Hungarian troops.

Italy received a number of these pistols as WWI reparations from Austria-Hungary and these pistols were used by Italian troops during WWII. They were also used in Czechslovakia and in Poland.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this type of pistol is appropriate for use by Austro-Hungarian, former Yugoslavia, Italian, Czech and Polish forces from the 1909s up to the end of WWII – 1945.

Foxtrot  example shown is a Roth Steyr Model 1907 pistol. It is fitted with chequered wood grips and is in a commercial blued finish.