FN MAG 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun

This item is HIRE ONLY for use by a recognised Film, TV, Commercials or Theatre production company.




The FN MAG General Purpose Machine Gun, (also known as the GPMG, M240 and L7A2) was originally designed and made by FN in Belgium, chambered for 7.62mm NATO ammunition for use in belted rounds.

First introduced in the early 1950’s, it has been extremely successful, adopted for use by over 62 countries, manufactured also in 5 other countries and so can be widely seen in service across the world, either mounted on vehicles, naval vessels, helicopters or on the ground with the infantry.

In 1977 it was adopted by the US Army, initially as a coaxial MG on armoured vehicles and named the M240, it is also in use with the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this item is appropriate for many armies and peacekeeping forces – from 1953 to the present day.
Foxtrot has two variants, the one shown here is an earlier example with phosphate finish, a wooden butt and it is fitted with a folding bipod.  The more contemporary versions are distinguished by black polymer furniture and suncorite black paint finish.

Film Set Notes

A very good weapon. It has been observed that the original flash hider is so well designed that the flash can be less on this weapon than others of its type when using movie blank. In that respect, it is more authentic in use… but, it depends what the director prefers…!
Also, as these tend to be vehicle / aircraft mounted, prep time must be built into the filming schedule to allow for this to take place.