MG 34 7.92mm machine gun

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 The Maschinengewehr 34 or MG34 is a German air-cooled machine gun that was initially produced in 1934 and first issued to units of the German army in 1935.

Chambered for 7.92mm Mauser, the new gun was generally liked by the troops, and it was used to great effect by German soldiers assisting Nationalist Spain in the Spanish Civil War.

Designed by Heinrich Vollmer from the Mauser Werke, as a light machine gun and also in heavier roles – it was an early example of a true general-purpose machine gun.

In the light machine gun role, it can be equipped with a bipod and 50-round ammunition belt contained in a drum-shaped magazine attached to the receiver. In the heavier role, it is mounted on a larger ‘lafette’ tripod and is belt-fed.

In practice, the infantry relied mainly on belt-cartridge ammunition for the bipod version, functioning as a classic medium support infantry weapon.

 At the time it was introduced, it had a number of advanced features and the general-purpose machine gun concept that it aspired to was an influential one.

However, the MG 34 was also expensive, both in terms of construction and the raw materials needed and its manufacture was too time-consuming for it to be built in the numbers required for the ever-expanding German armed forces.

The MG34, whilst later superceded in favour of the MG42, remained in front line service throughout WWII.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this item is appropriate for German and some Axis armed forces – from 1935 to the end of World War II (1945).

Foxtrot example shown is in the ‘light ground’ role, fitted with a folding bipod and with loose belt attached.