AI AW .50BMG sniper rifle

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The AW50 is a .50 BMG calibre anti- materiel rifle designed by Accuracy International (AI), it is a re-engineered version of the AI Arctic Warfare (AW) L96A1 sniper rifle – the standard issue sniper rifle in the British military.

As with other Arctic Warfare rifles, the 50 is outfitted with a Schmidt + Bender 12 x 50 PM II telescopic sight which gives it an accurate and effective range of 1,500 metres.

The AW50 is intended to engage a variety of targets including radar installations, light vehicles, (including light armoured vehicles), field fortifications, boats and ammunition dumps. The standard round combines a penetrator, high explosive and incendiary effect in a single round.

It has been adopted by a number of countries, including Australia, Germany, Portugal, Thailand and the UK.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, the AW50 rifle is appropriate for specialist UK forces and certain special forces personnel from 2000 up to the present day.

Foxtrot example shown is an Accuracy International AW sniping rifle, chambered in .50 BMG, fitted with a folding bipod, a Schmidt + Bender 12 x 50 PM II telescopic sight, fully floating target barrel with flash hider, a dark green fully adjustable polymer stock and is in a military phosphate finish.

Film Set Notes

Whilst the AW50 has an extremely effective flash hider and blast deflector, this weapon has considerable blast at the muzzle, even with blank.

A substantial weapon, it would typically only be fired from cover or an emplaced position.