ARWEN 37mm grenade launcher

This item is HIRE ONLY for use by a recognised Film, TV, Commercials or Theatre production company.




The ARWEN 37 is a non-lethal launcher which fires 37mm non-lethal rounds (foam, wooden or tear gas loads) for riot control. It has a 5 round rotary drum magazine and “ARWEN” is an acronym for ‘Anti Riot Weapon ENfield’.

It was designed in 1977 by the British Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) Enfield, then part of the Royal Ordnance Factories. It came from a British Military request for a multi-shot riot control weapon.

Three prototypes were designed and tested: one semi-automatic, one rotary-drum and one pump-action. At the end of testing the rotary drum model was put into production.

As of 2001, all ARWEN trademarks and patents are owned by Police Ordnance Company Inc. The weapon is also manufactured under license in Canada.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this item is appropriate for UK Military and Police forces from 1977 to the present day.

Foxtrot example shown here is an ARWEN 37mm grenade launcher, with it’s flip-up sights elevated. The pistol grips and barrel heat shroud are moulded polymer parts whilst the steel and aluminium  parts are Suncorite finish or anodised black.

Film Set Notes

For 37mm launchers we use adaptors that enable us to fire a variety of blank loads using either smokeless cartridges or more dramatically – black powder loads that give a slower muzzle flash and generate an amount of smoke.