RPG-7 grenade launcher

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 The RPG-7 (Ruchnoy Protivotankovvy Granatomyot) was designed by the Soviet Union and is manufactured by the Bazalt company.

The ruggedness, simplicity, low cost and effectiveness of the RPG-7 has made it the most widely used anti-tank weapon in the world.

Currently around 40 countries use the weapon and it is manufactured in a number of variants by nine countries. It is also popular with irregular and guerrilla forces. The RPG has been used in almost all conflicts across all continents since the mid-1960s from the Vietnam war to the present day war in Afghanistan.

The RPG-7 was first delivered to the Soviet Army in 1961 and deployed at a squad level. It is fitted with iron sights and can also mount the 2.7 x PGO-7 optical sight allowing greater accuracy at up to its maximum range of 1,100 metres.

The launcher is reloadable and based around a steel tube, 40 millimetres in diameter and weighing 7 kilos. The grenade protrudes from the the launch tube and is launched by a black powder booster charge giving it an initial speed of 115 metres per second (m.p.s.)and creating a cloud of grey smoke. The rocket motor ignites after 10 metres to propel it to its maximum velocity of 295 m.p.s.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this item is appropriate for Soviet forces and former allies from the 1960s Cold War era onwards. Also much used currently by irregular and guerrilla forces, worldwide.

Foxtrot example shown here is an RPG-7 launcher tube with the grenade alongside. There is an impact fuse on the front of the grenade and the rocket motor is located in the tube to the rear.