Baikal 12g Sawn Off shotgun

This item is HIRE ONLY for use by a recognised Film, TV, Commercials or Theatre production company.




 A ‘sawn off’ shotgun, is a type of shotgun with a shortened gun barrel and often a shortened or absent stock.

The term most accurately refers to illegal weapons that are created by cutting off and shortening the barrel of a standard shotgun. This can be on any single barreled gun but  more commonly, a double-barreled shotgun is used.

In the UK, where handguns are not easily obtainable, the sawn off shotgun was a common weapon in armed robberies during and after the 1960s and it is this use that most people associate with the weapon.

Sawn off shotguns are subject to various legal restrictions as they are large calibre and once shortened, easily concealable.

Not always a tool of criminals, such firearms have been and are still in use by military forces and police agencies worldwide.

For criminal organizations, the availability of standard hunting ammunition is another advantage of sawn off shotguns. However, this practice is not limited to localities where handguns are difficult to obtain.

Sawn off shotguns might be made for a number of reasons, such as the reputation they have gained through portrayal in action movies and news reports of crime incidents.

Helpful Info

Regarding dates and period correctness, this item is appropriate for especially British criminal usage, from the 1960’s onwards.

Although not unique to the UK, sawn offs can be encountered in many other countries.

Foxtrot has several sawn offs, the model shown here is a cut down Baikal 12g single barrel shotgun.

Film Set Notes

They are an action sequence staple, they’re reliable, actor friendly, useable in confined spaces and with their short barrels give an excellent flash.

We normally use  shotgun 12g blanks loaded with black powder that gives a slower burn than smokeless loads, resulting in a bright muzzle flash, accompanied by an amount of smoke. When used with such a short barreled weapon, it is a very dramatic effect.