Winchester Model 1400 12g semi-auto shotgun

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The Winchester Model 1400 12g semi-auto shotgun is made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

First manufactured in 1964 as the Model 1400, in 1968 the action release was redesigned and a different chequering pattern adopted.

This was called the Model 1400 Mk II until 1972, then the ‘Mk II’ was dropped and it became the Model 1400 again.

It was the first commercial shotgun to have adjustable screw-in multi-chokes – named ‘Win-chokes’, now a very common feature on sporting shotguns.

Adjustable chokes allow the shooter to  change the pattern or spread of shot by tailoring the constriction (called the choke) at the muzzle of the barrel.

Federal hunting regulations in the US restricted the capacity of semi-auto shotguns to two shells in the magazine plus one in the chamber so the 1400 had just a 3-shot capacity.

The 1400 series finally ceased production in 1994.

Helpful Info

This shotgun would be seen in civilian use, for clay shoots or wild fowling, typically.

Foxtrot example shown here is a Winchester Model 1400 12g semi-auto shotgun with 28” barrel, a ventilated top rib, 2-shot magazine, chequered walnut furniture and is in a blued finish.

Film Set Notes

We normally use  shotgun 12g blanks loaded with black powder that gives a slower burn than smokeless loads, resulting in a bright muzzle flash, accompanied by an amount of smoke, a dramatic effect.