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In 2009 the BBC sold off as part of a cost cutting exercise its costume department. Within this extensive lair of historic, period, modern and international was the uniforms section. Thousands and thousands of tiers of Military, Police, School, Medical, Civilian and Emergency Services stood within the Park Royal premises, that was prior to Foxtrot purchasing them.

Foxtrot was prior to the purchase a highly specialised uniform supplier to the film. television and media world. The BBC was one of its clients and it only seemed right that they procure these valuable assets to enhance their own extensive stock.

The newly acquired stock was assimilated into the bulging seams of Foxtrot’s Canalot Studios premises. Various rooms filled out with different lines of costumes, Public Schools, everything from Eton to Harry Potter, Nurses Gowns to Chelsea Pensioners the list was endless.

At this time, Abigail Morgan who was working at the BBC within the costume department was due to be made redundant and Foxtrot offered the opportunity to continue her love of working within the costumers role at Foxtrot. A recent article in the April edition of The Stage highlighted how opportunity sometimes knocks on a door.

Abigail Morgan featured in The Stage

When in November 2009 a forced move for Foxtrot to Brassie Avenue in W3 was on the cards, Abigail was tasked with designing the internal layout of the new Foxtrot warehouse. Three tiers of racking from front to rear of the building, filled with an extensive range of uniforms and props are now all housed under one roof. Foxtrot Productions remain in the forefront of specialist suppliers of uniform and props as the number one (No.1) provider within the UK.

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