Hiring Terms


We solely HIRE practical and replica firearms, emergency services costumes and associated props to the Film, TV, Commercials and Theatre industry.


You will need to send us:

  •     Purchase Order (PO) showing full company details.

                  (Once we have your PO, the item is booked, but not until then).

  •     Copy of your Production Insurance showing that you have cover for the rental of  costume and props for film or TV.

  •     We require payment in full upon collection or before by:

Cash, Debit card or Credit Cards (4.55% surcharge for use of a credit card)


If hiring replica firearms we will require in addition:

  •     Upon collection we will require from the hirer their passport or drivers licence that we’ll take a copy of and will hold on our records.

  •     That the hirer must be travelling in a private vehicle. NOT on public transport.

  •     The hirer will sign a release form and take a copy to keep with the replicas at all times. This is in case the police stop and search the person, we have a record of who has possession of the weapon and can verify that for the police

  •     The hirer must collect and return the replicas in a private vehicle, not on public transport and not by mini cab or any other 3rd party.

  •     They will be responsible for the weapons at all times when they are not on Foxtrot’s premises.


We do not retail or hire to the general public, our stock is not for sale. We only hire to recognised Production Companies, established Designers and Art Department buyers within the industry.